Car Hire Faro Airport

The Faro International Airport is located just seven kilometres west of the historic small Portuguese city of Faro. As one of the busiest airports in Europe, this airport manages a large number of international and domestic flights every single day. With high number of flights to and from the UK and other European countries, this airport stays busy all through the year. The airport operates a large number of domestic and several popular international airlines.

The Faro Airport has all possible amenities and services to help the passengers travelling to various destinations. The airport has 60 check-in desks, 22 stands and 36 boarding gates. It also has several food stalls, emergency centres and phone booths exclusively for the convenience of the passengers. A new development plan for Faro Airport has already been started since 2009 and is expected to end by 2013. This development plan includes a complete infrastructure change along with the renovation of the runways and the commercial areas.

To reach Faro Airport from anywhere in the Algarve or Faro is fairly easy. Though the Faro Airport Buses are limited, you can take any of the Faro Airport taxis to reach the airport. A lot many people also prefer to hire a car for private airport transfers. Popular airlines such as British Airways, Air Berlin, Easyjet, Lufthansa and Australian Airlines also operate various flights to different destination from Faro airport. Most of the flights connect to all major cities in the UK and Europe. There are few connecting flights to the USA and Asian countries from this airport.

Ground transport in Faro airport includes a number of taxi and car rental services. It also has private bus and shuttle services for the passengers to get around the city. Passengers can hire a taxi, or take the bus or train to reach their final destination in Faro and Algarve. Several passengers also take trains to reach Lisbon from the Faro airport. Faro airport also has something for the shopping lovers. With a chain of small shops, fashion boutiques and restaurants, passengers can spend some time exploring the airport before catching their next flight. The airport has a number of coffee shops such as Expresso Café, Cafetaria Zona Pública and Faro airport Café at the prime areas of the airport. Restaurants include the Terraço Bar, Restaurante Zona Pública, the Self Service Internacional, Restaurant Internacional and one FoodCourt near the departure area.