Car Hire Funchal Airport

The tiny island of Madeira, Portugal, is home to Madeira Airport, also popularly known as Funchal airport. Sandwiched between ER101 and ER207 on the eastern side of the island is where all international arrivals would disembark to begin their much anticipated vacation. Open to the public in 1964, this gateway to the rest of the world soon became so popular that it was necessary to extend its runway to accommodate larger aircrafts to increase its capacity. Ever since the first TAP Air Portugal aircraft arrived on the island, many have followed in its path, like EasyJet,, Air Berlin and Thomson Airways, just to name a few. Today the single terminal has forty desks to check passengers in, sixteen gates to facilitate embarking, with a total of seven belts to return luggage to their owners.

Most travelers passing through Funchal airport are either arriving or departing, connections are very rare, unless it is to one of the smaller islands located close by. The terminal itself has an average amount of services available to travelers, whether it is grabbing a bite to eat, facilitating a need to shop or conducting much needed banking transactions such as foreign exchange services. Internet users will find WI FI available for their surfing pleasure. When its time to grab a bite to eat, Funchal airport has much to choose from, with at least six choice locations, depending on your preference and how hungry you are at the time. Whether you are simply in search of a pick me up with a cup of coffee in a Cafe, a sandwich, some fruit or a full meal at one of the two restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Extra time in an airport can always be used in some productive manner, while some prefer to spend it reading a book, others have the need to squeeze in some shopping. There are many shops to facilitate your last minute and duty free needs, such as souvenirs to take back home with you, music CDS to listen to on the way, or extra luggage if you need the extra space, so have no fear. Some people actually have a fear of flying and handle their flying time better when they have had a few cocktails or a few lagers. Whether it is to unwind after a stressful flight, or to prepare yourself to deal with with one, Funchal airport has two bars to help ease your into a happy flight.