Car Hire Lisbon Airport International

Of all the amazing capital cities in Europe, Lisbon certainly has its own special charm and authenticity. Any vacation time spent here will be an experience worthy of remembrance, and wholly deserving of a future visit. To get the very most out of your trip make a plan that allows you to see those sites you might find meaningful, interesting and worthy of exploration.

Once you have comfortably settled in and are ready to put your plan into action all you need do now is either go pick up the rental car that you had prearranged, or have your concierge make the arrangements and have your car delivered right to the hotel for your convenience. Yes, if you really want to experience all that Lisbon has to offer then picking up a rental vehicle is simply the way to go.

Lisbon sets high up upon majestic bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This combination of capital city status and its waterfront setting makes for a unique experience difficult to find in other European capitals. With so much to do and so much to see within Lisbon proper, that alone could easily fill your vacation driving happily from place to place. However, you would be remiss not to consider many of the attractions and sites deserving of a short drive from your lodging or accommodations.

When considering what type of vehicle to rent, it’s often wise to choose one just large enough for your immediate needs. Keep in mind the long history of this city and how most of it had developed prior to the introduction of automobiles. So you can expect to find those delightful and charming and narrow streets that bend and turn every which way. With that in mind expect to see pedestrians enjoying themselves and going about daily life upon the quaint streets. Enjoy the quiet side streets and drive accordingly.

The main routes to get in and out of downtown Lisbon all connect to six different highways. Selecting a different area or region is accomplished by a quick look at basic map. The two main arteries are the A2 or the A6 towards Madrid. The splendid climate of the region and its lack of freezing provide for roadways that remain smooth and are a pleasure to drive upon. Be bold and look for a convertible, take a drive along the ocean and let the wind blow through your hair and the sun shine upon you. The sites of Lisbon await you, so see them in style and see them soon.