Car Hire Lisbon Downtown

It is the largest city in Portugal and with almost three million people living here, it is easily more than one quarter of the total population of the country. It is called Lisbon (Lisboa in native pronunciation). The city does not generally experience cold winters, although the summer time can get a bit warm at times. All roads lead to Lisbon, (literally) which means that there are many ways for you to get there. Regardless of how you arrive, aircraft, (Aeroporto de Lisboa) ferry, (Transtejo ferry line) bus, (Sete Rios – coming from far) or train, (Santa Apolónia – from the north) once you have arrived, it is a good idea to secure a rental car, especially with all the activities to occupy yourself with around the city.

Setting out to an adventure around the city can include places like the Pena National Palace, which is surrounded by the Pena park and promises to expose you to the quieter side of the city. The people of Lisbon are proud of their heritage and it shows in the variety of museums like Museu do Chiado (for art lovers) scattered around the city. Be adventurous and take a drive on the Ponte Vasco da Gama which is the longest bridge in Europe (17.2km)

Seafood lovers will find plenty to satisfy themselves with in Lisbon, such as clams and steamed barnacles at Azenhas do Mar, fresh shell fish at Cervejaria Ribadouro or grilled fish at Dom Pedro I. There are many other menus to choose from, such as Indian, (biryanis and vindaloos) Mediterranean, (game sausage with roast vegetables.) vegetarian (chili and vegetable kofta) and of course Portuguese (grilled squid).

The night comes alive in Lisbon where pretty much anything goes. Most people enjoy live music and Lisbon aims to please at places like Adega Mesquita with singers and folk dancers or Paradise Garage where they boast of some of the most popular talent around. They don't call it Hot Clube de Portugal for nothing, this venue has been known for some of the best live jazz shows for decades.

Travelers have a habit of picking up pieces for their home to remind them of the trips that they make. Cerâmica Viúva Lamego is the perfect place to pick up some ceramic ware for just such an occasion. Shoppers will be delighted with the variety of opportunities to fill their shopping fantasies, from clothes to trinkets to souvenirs., so make sure you allocate some time to cover them all.