Car Hire Porto Airport

The Porto airport has the IATA code Porto OPO and is an international airport that is located near the city of Porto. Furthermore, it is situated in the north of Portugal and is extremely popular among tourists. The Porto airport is also known under the name Airport Oporto. The Porto airport is after the Lisbon airport the second largest international flight center in Portugal.

The airport is about 14 miles from the city center and was once named after the former Prime Minister Francisco Sa Carneiro. Back in 1945, the flight center was first opened to the public, and it is operated by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal SA. This company also handles the Lisbon airport, Algarve airport, as well as the Azores airport.

The start and runway of the flight center has a dimension of 2.1 miles in length and 147 feet in width. and around 4.5 million passengers are using the Porto airport, annually. The Porto flight center is situated 148 feet above sea level. Twelve main airlines are partners of the airport; among them are the German airlines Lufthansa, Condor and Air Berlin and, of course, American Airlines. In particular, cheap flights can be booked via the Internet at all individual airlines.

There are plenty of restaurants that give travelers the opportunity to relax with meals and drinks. In addition to a traditional Portuguese and European cuisine, it is also possible to take small snacks. Hot and cold beverages are available in sufficient quantities, too.

The Porto airport has its own bank on the premises, where travelers can exchange currency and take money from an ATM. Moreover, the Porto flight center has an abundance of telephones, Internet terminals and even a post office.

To make the passengers as comfortable as possible, the airport provides a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Whether one is looking for jewelry, books, magazines, flowers, electronic equipment of clothing, the Porto airport thought of everything. Fashion accessories are offered in large selections. Four distinct stores are offering goods that are suitable for any taste.

Disabled facilities are everywhere at the Porto airport; toilettes and elevators are equipped for people with special needs. Also, a special service for individuals with reduced mobility is provided. Thus, when requested in advanced time, the airport staff can organize an escort directly to the airplane. Tourists who travel with children are in good hands at the Porto airport, for there are many fun areas to stay with the kids. Moreover, the shopping zone offers toys and games, for the children to enjoy.